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Welcome to The Dairy Executives' Association

The Dairy Executives' Association, formerly the Irish Creamery Manager's Association, is a respected professional body representing managers and executives at all levels up to and including chief executives and across all professional and technical disciplines.

A registered Trade Union since 1950, the Association's legally held negotiation licence entitles its members to information, advice and professional representation on all employment matters including pay and working conditions. In addition, the Association provides an essential forum for the development of the professional interest of our members through seminars, conferences and publications.

The Association has, since its foundation in 1899, organised managers throughout the four provinces. Members are affiliated to their local branch and meet at regular intervals to discuss issues of common interest whether in connection with employment matters or professional developments. The Association has undergone a natural progression, which reflects the development of the Agribusiness sector, from its creamery origins to the wide range of agriculturally based industrial and commercial activities, which it now embraces.

It is important, particulary in these times of rapid change, that the executive in the Dairy Industry has access to a professional body to represent his/her interests. The Association provides a unique forum for the executive in the Agribusiness sector, dealing not only with trade union matters but also with the major issues affecting the development and welfare of the industry. The Dairy Executives' Association is an invaluable aid to managers whether it is information, confidential advice or direct action that is required, or simply as a forum for making and maintaining contacts in the industry.

In addition to national and company-based representation the D.E.A. provides individual advice and representation on:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Job Security
  • Pay & Conditions
  • Pensions
  • Taxation

Representation is by professional qualified negotiators and members have access to information and advice on all legal, actuarial and professional aspects of their employment.

With 100 years of successful promotion and defence of managers' rights and interests the D.E.A. is uniquely placed in offering its members the very best expertise.